Application - Authorisation - Vulnerable Persons - Minors

This application may be used to file an application before the Civil Court (Voluntary Jurisdiction Section). Together with this application you may attach all the documents in support of your request/s. Payment online of court fees are to be made before submitting this eForm.

Online files applications shall, for all intents and purposes of law, be deemed as if they have been filed directly in the Registry of the same Court. But when an application is filed online outside registry opening hours as established by the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure, such application shall be deemed to have been filed on the first following day of the opening of the said Registry.

Important Note

All applications need to be in the Maltese Language and need to be signed by the applicant. A scanned copy of the signed application will have to be attached with this eForm.

Right of Access

This eForm may be used only by Lawyers, Legal Procurators and Notary whose name is registered on the Court's digital system. Those who are not registered on the Court's digital system are to apply at the Office of the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals by producing their Identity Card, email address and a copy of the warrant to exercise the profession.

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