Letter - Mediation to the Registrar

This is a Mediation Letter filed in accordance with Article 4 of S.L. 12.20 in the case of personal separation addressed to the Registrar Civil Courts and Civil Tribunals stating the name and address both of the person filing the letter as well as that of the other spouse requesting the Civil Court Family Section to authorise him or her to proceed. Such letter shall be signed and filed by the party personally or by an advocate or legal procurator on behalf of such party.

This letter, according to Article 10 of S.L. 12.20 may also be filed in the following cases and the same rules stated above apply:

  1. Disputes between parties, whether married or otherwise, concerning the custody and maintenance of or visitation rights to their children
  2. Maintenance between spouses
  3. Variations of any matter regulated by any judgement of personal separation or by a deed of personal separation or by a decree or judgement of divorce
  4. Variation of any agreement in any matter referred to in par a.

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Online filed letters shall, for all intents and purpsoses of law, be deemed as if they have been filed directly in the Registry of the same Court. But when a letter is filed online outside registry opening hours as established by the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure, such letter shall be deemed to have been filed on the first following day of the opening of the said Registry.

Important Note

All letters have to be in the Maltese Language and need to be signed by a Lawyer, Legal Procurator or Citizen. A scanned copy of the signed letter will have to be attached with this eForm.

Right of Access

This eForm may be used by Legal Professionals or Citizens.

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