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Request for Soft/Hard Copy of Terminated Judicial Act/s


This form is used to make request for a softcopy and/or hardcopy/true copy from a list of terminated judicial acts.

What you’ll get

You can get a scanned copy of a specific judicial act for free and/or you can order a hard/true copy which will be sent to you by normal mail against payment.


The form can be filed by the individual.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit. Application must include the correct details of the judicial act being requested.

Method of payment

Following the submission of the form, an acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant which will include the application reference number. The Court’s Administration will make the necessary search of the judicial act. An email will be sent to the individual on the outcome of the search together with the amount due. The payment is to be made online and the proof of the online payment is to be forwarded to the Court’s Administration. The latter will prepare and send the relative hard/true copies by normal mail to the address provided by the individual.

No payment is required for request for scanned judicial act which will be sent to the applicant by email.

Timeline - Submission of Application

1 week



Courts of Justice (Malta)

Republic Street


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